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Additional Qualification Approval

Our recognised centres may wish to deliver additional qualifications. They have to seek our approval for this purpose and must meet the requirements of our policy and adhere to the requirements.

  • To deliver any additional qualification, Recognised Centre must inform us in writing or by email to get necessary guidance and application form.
  • Following your enquiry, EBMA will provide you with all the relevant information and options regarding the enquiry within 5 working days.
  • The Centre is recommended to undertake an evaluation using its own chosen method and ahead of completing the application for recognition.
  • Once you are assured that your application clearly demonstrates your organisation’s capability and capacity to meet EBMA’s Requirements, the Centre’s authorised person can make the application with supporting evidence to info@ebma.org.uk
  • After the application is received, EBMA’s officer/s take the necessary steps to deal with it and decide on the outcome of the application.

Time Period
We acknowledge within same working day of receipt and provide decision within 15 working days subject to availability of necessary evidence for recognition application by centre and visit report by EBMA Officer/s.

Provision of Guidance and Support
Once your organisation has been approved we will provide you with the following:
  • Approval certificate stating which qualifications you are recognised to offer;
  • Comprehensive Qualification Specification;
  • Moderation guidance;
  • Regular updates;
  • Add additional qualifications to your Web Portal to manage your centre work.
  • Help, support and training for centre staff

Centres' Responsibility

Centres will not advertise any

of our qualifications before approval.

Did you know ?

  • We reserve the right to withdraw the approval of additional qualification in case the recogised centre fails to comply with EBMA requirements.

  • We will provide with a full statement in case of an application for additional qualification approval is rejected.

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