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About Our Website

Our aim is to have an accessible, informative and easy to use website that meets the needs of our stakeholders.  particularly Learners and Centres. We have an improved website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation as well as updated with the latest information about our qualifications and services. We hope it will make users of the website a quicker, easier and more interactive experience. You should always check our website as this is where we will be publishing public information.

To make sure you get the most of the website we have listed a few of the features below.  

About Us
We have included more information about our company, vision, mission and strategic objectives. A general sketch about our corporate governance has been added to new website. We have included principles of good governance EBMA Workforce follows Rules of Ethics while making decisions in their day to day work and activities. A detailed customer service statement is published on our website now for you to consult how we provide customer service.

You can now find elaborated information about the qualifications with programme details, structure, assessment, entry requirements, fees and career. We have also provided specific information related to each qualification for learners, centres and university.  

A new section ‘LEARNERS’ has been added to our website for all candidates studying our qualifications at our recognised centres. We have provided information for them how to register with us; fees information; apply for replacement certificates; check certificate authenticity; conduct of coursework and progression routes after achieving EBMA qualifications.

We have provided information for new and existing centres. Centre support section has been added to our website for recognised centres dealing with registering candidates; applying for replacement certificate; fees information; updating their details; check certificate authenticity; conduct of coursework; access to our Portal and progression routes after EBMA qualifications.

University section of website includes information about universities we have progression arrangements as well as a link for new universities to work with us. Learners will find it easy to apply to university after achieving our qualifications.

Feedback Do It Online
This has been added to our website. Now users can provide us with their online feedback about our products and services. feedback has been divided into compliments, complaints and suggestions.

Contact Us
We have provided more ways how to contact us. Now you can send us online enquiry without calling us.

News and Updates
Updates and news section has been added to our website to update you about any latest information.

Access to Portal
This has been added to our website for learners registration, adding centre details, certiifcations and many other activities for our recognised centres as well as our Officers.

One of our main goals was to build a user-friendly and simple to navigate site with comprehensive information. The new design allows the users to quickly find the contents. We will keep updating our website for further improvements.

Please note if you have links to our previous website, they may have changed now. It is your responsibility to update the links with our website.

Provide us with your feedback
We would  love your feedback about our new site.  Your feedback will help us improve the quality of our information, products and services.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site, finding more options and information each time.

EBMA operates ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of its stakeholders.
Company Number 07448875 with Registered Address: Sheraton House Castle Park Cambridge CB3 0AX Cambridge United Kingdom
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